Here at The Treatment we are always on the look for the next big thing, whether this is the next big trend, piece of technology or the latest news story. We are now entering a new era of DTG POD (Print On Demand) having invested in our brand new, cutting […]

Tshirtify: The Future of DTG Printing

The team at The Treatment DTG and all members of the 8ball Group are very excited to announce a brand new partnership with the super talented online artist Jim from Jim’ll Paint It. Jim’ll Paint It is an online design request platform where Jim’s followers ask him to design anything […]

Jim’ll Paint It and We’ll Print It: A Tshirtify Brand ...

I feel the need….the need for DTG Speed! Ever wonder how reactive Direct to Garment can be for your business? Do you know how quick DTG Speed can really be from concept to sale? In an ever increasingly fast paced on-line world being quick to market is key for taking an idea and getting it […]

DTG Speed to market: Urban Outfitters

Lol's Wedding  Dress - Chiffon DTG Print
With the last ever This is England 90 wrapping up the entire series last weekend we saw two of the main characters, Lol & Woody get married. The wedding party brought a happy ending to an otherwise quite harrowing episode! In the last update we wrote and article on how we […]

This is England ’90 Finale – The Wedding Dress…

Flip and Higgy steel beast t shirt - This Is England '90
The Treatment keeps This Is England ‘90 Looking Authentic The team at The Treatment were privileged recently, when we were asked to supply a number of garments to be worn in the latest instalment of the ‘This Is England’ series, ‘This Is England ’90’. We were well aware of the extremely loyal […]

Creating the look of This is England ’90

Learning the Lingo! There are alot of words specific to direct to garment printing and this is a guide to what they mean. DTG can be a pretty confusing affair to a newbie. It is easy when you have been printing clothing for as long as we have to forget […]

DTG Jargon Buster!

What’s it going to cost me? One of the questions that we get asked the most is “How much is a DTG print going to cost?”. This is probably the most important question for you on your journey to getting something printed. While with screen printing you have that expensive […]

DTG – What’s the cost?

Aeoon DTG Printer
What is DTG? DTG or Direct to Garment printing is a method of garment printing that makes use of specialised ink jet print heads to print an image on to a garment. That’s it in it’s rawest of forms, in much the same way as your inkjet printer at home […]

What is DTG?