DTG Speed to market: Urban Outfitters

I feel the need….the need for DTG Speed!


Ever wonder how reactive Direct to Garment can be for your business? Do you know how quick DTG Speed can really be from concept to sale?

In an ever increasingly fast paced on-line world being quick to market is key for taking an idea and getting it to your customers as quickly as possible to take advantage of an opportunity that might be gone within a week.

Recently we were asked by boutique label Supreme Being to sample one of their latest designs as requested by Urban Outfitters. Having turned the sample around in under two hours we had the green light to put it into production and it was with the client next day, and on sale the next. From concept to customer in 48 hours!

With our flexible print on demand model and using the best DTG printers in the world right now means even high volume orders can be printed in super quick turn around times.

Believe it or not – here at The Treatment DTG we can print up to 800 shirts per hour per machine.

Supreme Being told us that this process wouldn’t have been possible without us at The Treatment DTG. Their normal sample time from their overseas printers was 3 weeks, and dealing with different time zones was problematic in sample approval. From receiving the sample in 3 weeks, it would take another 4 weeks to print and ship.

But by using our DTG expertise they produced a one off design for an important client, on demand within 48 hours….DTG Speed with real impact = everybody wins.

How could being so reactive make a positive impact on your business? Let us know – we’d love to hear from you.


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