Creating the look of This is England ’90

The Treatment keeps This Is England ‘90 Looking Authentic

The team at The Treatment were privileged recently, when we were asked to supply a number of garments to be worn in the latest instalment of the ‘This Is England’ series, ‘This Is England ’90’.

We were well aware of the extremely loyal following that the show has developed since the film was released in 2006, and knew that part of the show’s cult appeal was how true it stayed to the culture of the time – be it music, attitudes or fashion. So when we were initially approached to create two t-shirts for the characters Flip and Higgy, it wasn’t just the 24 hours from concept to shooting that represented the main challenge – it was creating something that seemed authentic.

Flip and Higgy steel beast t shirt - This Is England '90 Stripe tee as worn by Gadget in This Is England

Shortly after we had produced the two t-shirts we had a visit from the production designers on the show to see what else we could do. They were presented with a continuity problem when they were unable to find duplicates of the specialist 1990’s clothing items they had procured from vintage shops, and wanted to know if we could help.

And thanks to the exceptional production facilities and print capabilities we have at our disposal at The Treatment DTG, we were able to. A combination of high resolution scanners and Photoshop were used to create large enough pieces of repeat patterns to print, which could then be sampled, signed off and put into production.

We also use 1200dpi printers. This meant that things like dirt, wash faded and bobble effects could all be recreated, meaning continuity no longer became a problem, even if the clothing needed to become ripped or bloody in any fight scenes. Although the production of the clothing is something that might seem trivial to a lot of people, it was a crucial process in helping the show maintain the authentic look that it’s been famed for.

Gadget hood and hat from This is England Gadget hood and hat from This is England

Thanks to our contribution to the show, The Treatment was also asked to create t-shirts that were worn at the wrap party by the cast and crew of the show – including a baby and a dog.

It was great to be a part of, and we hope you all enjoyed watching This Is England 90!

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