Jim’ll Paint It and We’ll Print It: A Tshirtify Brand Partnership.

Jim’ll Paint It and We’ll Print It A Tshirtify Brand Partnership

The team at The Treatment DTG and all members of the 8ball Group are very excited to announce a brand new partnership with the super talented online artist Jim from Jim’ll Paint It.

Jim’ll Paint It is an online design request platform where Jim’s followers ask him to design anything that pops into their weird and wonderful minds from ‘Dickinson’s Real Drug Deal’ to ‘The Queen eating a swan’ no idea is off limits to the controversial Jim! Jim then goes off and works his magic on his favourite tool – Microsoft Paint. We have to say that we don’t know how he manages it, his designs are incredibly intricate and hilarious at the same time. He never disappoints his continually expanding social following.

So never one to miss an opportunity the management here at The Treatment produced some example prints and contacted Jim to show him the quality of design we could offer to a potential producing partnership and to offer him the chance to become the first designer to sign up to our Tshirtify programme. Jim came over to Treatment Towers to see what we could do with our 1200dpi printers and a beautiful relationship was built.

Having signed up for Tshirtify we created a shiny new site for Jim to showcase his favourite and his most popular designs. The launch of the site proved very successful with over 50 orders coming through in the first couple of hours!

For any of you that are interested in Jim’s designs head on over to Jimll.co.uk. For more details on our Tshirtify package please click the link here.

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