This is England ’90 Finale – The Wedding Dress…

With the last ever This is England 90 wrapping up the entire series last weekend we saw two of the main characters, Lol & Woody get married. The wedding party brought a happy ending to an otherwise quite harrowing episode!

In the last update we wrote and article on how we used our experience as DTG experts to help create enough clothing items for continuity camera shots. In the This is England 90 finale there were quite a few stand out items printed by us at The Treatment HQ.

During one of our R & D sessions we had been experimenting with DTG printing onto chiffon & lace – The This Is England 90 costume designer spotted this work in progress and immediately sent us some pencil drawn artwork the designers were trying to fit into the wedding scenes. Our art department colourised the designs to mimic tattoo colouration on skin tones and using our custom large format carriage on our Aeoon printers, we produced reams of items to create the upper bodice part of the wedding dress. These included a large back piece and arm ‘tattoos’, as well hundreds of chiffon bird ‘tattoos’ to be individually sewn into the fabric of the wedding dress.

Given the deadline it was a great challenge, but one that the team loved doing!


Lol's Wedding  Dress - Chiffon DTG Print

Lol’s Wedding Dress – Chiffon DTG Print




Earlier in the show characters Flip & Higgy featured some pretty special Americana tees printed by us, and Harvey sported a Treatment designed one off.

IMAG1059 IMAG1033


If you are interested in finding out more about our large format DTG printing or specialist fabric printing please get in touch.


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