What is DTG?

What is DTG?

DTG or Direct to Garment printing is a method of garment printing that makes use of specialised ink jet print heads to Aeoon DTG Printerprint an image on to a garment. That’s it in it’s rawest of forms, in much the same way as your inkjet printer at home works, the same is in effect true of a DTG printer. You take a file, it is read in to the printer and then printed on to the garment of your choice.

There are though a great facet of variables involved here that make Direct to Garment printing a much more complicated affair than this such as pretreatment, underbase and curing, this list could go on and on but for this exercise we really do not need to worry about that too much.

What can DTG do for me?

The greatest flexibility of Direct to Garment printing is the ability to just create!

Colours are no longer a hindrance when designing your garment and while some machines are better than others, we have the very best machine in the world and that means that you get amazing colour reproduction.

No minimums on standard sizes! With conventional screen printing, each design would always involve some kind of outlay in terms of getting screens made up prior to print and this meant that you would often need to have minimums on each print that you wanted just to make it worthwhile. With DTG you only need to print what you need, there is no outlay on your print costs, you can just print however many items that you want. This means that we can offer a much more flexible and responsive service than many traditional screen printing services were ever able to offer.

Amazing Quality prints are the norm for us. It is funny quickly you settle in to that, having 7 years experience with DTG we know that in the early days it could sometimes feel like a real challenge to produce those quality, eye popping prints that make you go ‘wow!’, but with the vast knowledge that we have gained in that time, our world leading equipment and the experience that comes along with that, we are able to produce simply incredible quality prints, consistently and at a price that will make your jaw drop!

Responsiveness is something that as a business makes you ahead of the trend, having the ability to design something and send it in to print and getting it back that same week means that you can really concentrate on taking your business forward and this is something that we pride ourselves on. Whether you are ordering to fill your warehouse, operating on a Good to Go basis or looking for a fulfillment option for your designs, we have the expertise to be able to advise on the best option available to you and even more importantly, to deliver quickly.

If some of this sounds like it could be what you are looking for to take your business forward then get in touch with us today.

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