DTG Experts

Get The treatment!

Using our extensive DTG experience, together with the best digital printer in its field, means you will receive the finest quality printed garment with the guidance, care and attention your project deserves.
With our knowledge and understanding of DTG, we are able to offer exceptional results, comparable in quality and price to screen printing.

What makes us unique?

We focus purely on Digital To Garment printing, and have done for the past 7 years. In this time, we have printed millions of t-shirts and thousands of on demand garments through our own e-commerce websites in the 8Ball Group. We have worked closely with manufacturers in developing new ways of pushing the capabilities of DTG. We have had such success with this process, they’re now using our data and input to develop their own next generation products.
Marry this expertise, together with the one of the best digital garment printers in the world and you have a world class print facility – one that is comparable to the quality and price per unit of screen printing.
Not many other DTG printers can claim this!