The daddy of all printers

Our machine (the Aeoon Kyo12) is one of the first in the UK. It can print volume on an industrial scale, up to 800 per hour with water-based inks at a large format. The colour outlay is above and beyond that of any other digital garment printer.
Here’s how we can compete in an un-matched quality and fidelity with screen printing:
– Natively prints in 1200dpi, can print up to 2400dpi
– Pantone matching
– Fires 40,000 drops of ink per second and in 4 drop sizes
– 2558 hyper-sonic nozzles
– 12 Kyocera KJB heads; 8 white, 4 CMYK
– Un-rivalled super wide RGB spectrum
– Large format printing currently up to 1x1m